Monday, March 15, 2010

The Birth of Miss Ava

I was sitting on my couch playing Zelda very late in the evening on February 23rd. It was almost the 24th- probably 11:45 or so. I receive a text message from your mama. She's thinking it might be time for you to come out and say hi to the world!! Contractions have been coming every 8 minutes or so, pretty steadily. I had just told my husband before your mama called that I thought it would be a good night for a baby to come into this world! My doula sixth sense must've been kicking in! I told your mama to just relax and take it easy, and to get ahold of me when her contractions get closer together or intense enough that she might need me. We talked again about half hour to 45 minutes later... grandma was there with mama. I could tell grandma was getting a bit antsy and was ready to go to the hospital. I had a feeling it might be a little early to head off to the hospital, so I thought it might be best if I came over so we could all hang out a bit before heading out. I threw my clothes on as fast as I could and ran out the door! When I got there mama and grandma were watching the winter Olympics on tv. I could tell that mommy was a bit tired- it was late at night.

Daddy showed up about 20 minutes later, and I could see the relief on mommy's face. She was pleased that he was finally here to help.

They hugged and snuggled a bit before we finally convinced mommy that it might be a good plan to go on a walk. We walked on the centennial trail and around downtown Arlington. We walked by the labyrinth that your auntie helped design, and back through town by a coffee shop (where I stopped and got grandma and myself a little treat). I believe it was about 5am by now.

Grandma loves your mommy so much, and I know she hated to see her uncomfortable in labor. She really wanted us to head off to the hospital, and so we all decided it might be a good time to go shortly after our walk. We did a bit of sitting on the birth ball and then took off.

We loaded the car seat into grandmas car, mama and daddy rode with grandma, and I drove my car. We all met up at Skagit Valley Hospital and went into labor and delivery. They checked us in to a triage room where they put a fancy band around mama's tummy that listens to your heart beat. They checked her cervix and she was dilated to a 5! Good progress! We sat in that room for maybe half an hour or perhaps slightly less, and they checked us into room "1" (which is actually 3201, but all the rooms on that floor start with 32 ;)

Daddy showed us all of the treats that mommy had packed along in her bag. She was ready!

Mama changed into a pretty dress with polka dots. We put on some Fleetwood Mac and did a bit of laboring around in the birthing room. Grandma had gone down and gotten us all some breakfast. Mom had fruit and yogurt. The nurses would come in and out occasionally to listen to your heart tones.

We did a bit of walking about the birthing floor- around in circles and back. There were very interesting quilts on the wall that they had quilted in photos of women in different laboring positions! After a bit of time had passed, mommy was having some good contractions. We thought we might give the bath tub a whirl.

It felt great, but the contractions were slowing down a bit once she was in there. We decided after a half hour or so that it might be good to get back out and start walking some more. Auntie had showed up as well, so she walked with us.

Things were definitely getting serious. We took a little walk down to the gift shop on the first floor to look at some of the cute things they had for sale. Mom had some powerful contractions in the shop! The elderly lady behind the counter looked completely frightened like she'd never seen a laboring woman before. I found it a bit amusing. She thought we should get back upstairs as if you were about to fall right out! Mom was in a new state of mind at this point though, and she did hurry back upstairs. She tried the bath tub again for a little while, and this time it did not slow down the contractions. After doing this for a bit, mom would sit on the toilet (this is a common thing for women in labor- it's a bit comforting), and she would get up and walk, she tried sitting on the birth ball, we did squatting and lunging- we did every trick in the book! As a matter of fact, I believe we even pulled out a book of tricks for some fresh ideas! We did a bit more walking to go see the babies in the nursery (but they had closed the curtain! Boo!). During all of this, mom got a leak in her bag of waters- but it didn't completely burst. Auntie left to go grab some Taco Bell for her and I since we hadn't eaten much that day. The midwife checked dilation and the bag of waters was so ready to pop that it popped on her finger! Mom was getting ready to push- it was time to meet you.

Grandma was nervous and excited!

Dad was going to catch you on your way out, so after the nurses had done some initial helping with your mama while she pushed, daddy got down there and was ready to do this thing!

You were crowning! It was absolutely amazing and beautiful and miraculous!

Dad passed you to your mama through her legs!! This is the very second mom held you for the first time!

We turned her around and got her lying down and holding you. She told you she loved you. You made THE cutest baby sounds I personally have ever heard. It was like you were talking to everyone! Everyone looked at you and loved you. Welcome to the world Miss Ava!